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DeepAI : Text-To-Image Service Unraveling The Power Of AI
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DeepAI : Text-To-Image Service Unraveling The Power Of AI

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Nowadays, we have been exploring the fascinating AI technologies and text-to-image service is also one of them. When I was embarking on the journey of looking for text-to-image AI services, I found DeepAI.

In this blog, we will uncover the remarkable features of DeepAI, appreciate the creative potential it unlocks, and understand how it continuously pushes the boundaries of technology to improve the content creation processes. Are you ready to dive in? Let’s unravel the mysteries of artificial intelligence together through DeepAI!

What Is DeepAI? # is an artificial intelligence (AI) platform that provides access to various AI-powered tools, models, and APIs focused on multiple areas. DeepAI provides us various AI powered services as follows.

  • Text To Image - AI Image Generator
  • AI Image Editor
  • Image Colorization
  • Text Generation
  • Super Resolution

DeepAI also provides each source code access for open-source. So we can try to use DeepAI services via API as well. The platform aims to drive innovation and enable users, developers, and businesses to leverage AI technologies for enhancing productivity and various real-world applications.

Is It Free To Use DeepAI Services? #

Fortunately, DeepAI has free tier so we can playground DeepAI services for free. But there is a limitation for API call, so if you want to use the service beyond the limitation, you need to subscribe Pro plan.

Warning! Pro plan monthly costs $4.99

What About The Copyright For The Output Image? #

As DeepAI explains here, there is no copyright for the generated images. In addition, it’s ok to use the generated images for commercial uses.

It’s also allowed to use the generated images for NFT. And generated images do not have any watermark. I can say it’s really great service for content creators.

How To Use DeepAI - Text-To-Image #

There are so many places we can explore on DeepAI. But let me dive into the AI Image Generator API on this post. The procedures are really simple and user-friendly. So let’s embark on our AI image generator journey now!

Step1 - Sign Up DeepAI #

Alt text
DeepAI how to use step 1
All you have to do is to go to this link and hit the sighup button as attached. You can signup by the following methods.

  • Google
  • Email
  • Twitter
  • GitHub
  • LinkedIn

Step2 - Prompt Your Image #

Alt text
DeepAI how to use step 2
Prompt means telling your ideas to AI. AI will read your input and shape it to the image.

I will try to input “A beautiful woman with headphone at night city” as an example. Let’s see how AI will cook my ingredients.

Step3 - Select Your Image Style #

Alt text
DeepAI how to use step 3
Next, you need to choose the image style. DeepAI will generate the image based on the selected style.

For example, I choose “cyberpunk” image style here. I can’t wait what kind of images DeepAI will generate!

Step4 - Just Hit The Generate Button #

Alt text
DeepAI how to use step 4
So now you get ready to see what DeepAI will create. All you have to do is just hitting the generate button.

DeepAI will start analyzing your prompt and generate the image in a bit. And here is what DeepAI generated by my prompt.

Alt text
DeepAI generated image

You gotta be surprised, right?

Tips Of How To Generate Better Images #

To be honest, the image quality is not so sophisticated. When I tried to generate images,sometimes I got collapsed images. So let me note some tips how to generate better images by DeepAI

  • Try some attempt with the same keyword until you get the better images
  • Add more details for your prompt

I guess DeepAI GPT is not perfect yet and still under training. But you can get the images if you try to give more details to DeepAI.

Hope you can enjoy the great journey on DeepAI.

About me #

For someone who doesn’t know me, here is the summary about me:)

  • I started my IT career without any CS background
  • I have a couple of years of working experiences as software developer (mainly mobile & web) in Japan
  • I got tired of the life in Japan and moved to Vietnam, Da Nang
  • I love to create the mobile apps, Youtube videos and share the life in Vietnam
  • I hope I can create the space to connect devs all over the world:)

For more details, I am waiting for you on my Youtube channels:)