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Merlin : Best AI Chatbot Powered By GPT-4 - Perfect Guide For AI Beginner
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Merlin : Best AI Chatbot Powered By GPT-4 - Perfect Guide For AI Beginner

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Since the appearance of the GPT-4 from OpenAI, we can feel closer to the life with AI. I am also one of them who got attracted by the hidden potential for GPT-4.

I really wanted to use ChatGPT in Vietnam. But unfortunately, ChatGPT is not available in Vietnam at the moment. (To be honest, there is a way to use ChatGPT in Vietnam, but it’s a bit complex and hassle.)

When I was looking for a service like ChatGPT that could be used in Vietnam, I found Merlin. I hope to show how to use Merlin and its attractions on this post.

What Is Merlin? #

Alt text
chatGPT service image
Merlin is AI-powered chatbot with GPT-3/GPT-4, which is available on google extension. If you have anything you want to ask, just hit the word on Merlin. Merlin will answer to your question in a bit like a super wise consultant.

Not only answer to your question, Merlin will help you by these following things.

  • Summarize blog contents
  • Summarize youtube videos
  • Code Generate/Debugging
  • Auto-completing email writings
  • many mores...

Is It Free To Use Merlin? #

Yes, Merlin also provides free tier for us! You can playground Merlin for free, but it’s limited.

If you are on free tier, you can only use 51 queries per day. You can choose GPT-3 or GPT-4 when you query to Merlin. Query consumption depends on whether you choose GPT3 or GPT4.

Warning! Query with GPT-3 comsumes 1 query, but query with GPT-4 consumes 10 query

Alt text
merlin chatbot price list
Merlin also provides PRO tier. If you need more query more than the given credits per day, it would be better to choose pro tier. ※This price list is at the point of 2023-4-12

How To Use Merlin? #

So now let’s dive into the fun part of Merlin! Firstly, you can assess to this URL to add Merlin as google extension.

Alt text
open merlin by CMD + M key
After you can add merlin on google extension, you can call Merlin on google browser by pressing CMD + M key. What you need to do is just type the sentence you want to ask with Merlin.

Here is the demo I asked to Merlin “can you tell me the source code to convert .png to .jpg by node.js?”.

Alt text
merlin demo

Ta-da! Merlin gives me answer in a moment, it’s just an amazing!

In Order To Use Chatbot With GPT Safely #

Althought the chatbot services powered by GPT seems perfect, but I guess there are a few things we need to be careful. In order to avoid any troubles related to GPT services, let’s keep these in minds.

1. Don’t Believe 100% For ChatGPT Answers #

It’s undeniably true that GPT services can probably change the world. But they don’t always return 100% correct answers.

So, it’s important to examine their answer and use it wisely.

2. Don’t Input Credential Information On ChatGPT #

Not only merlin, chatbot services backed up by ChatGPT are powered by deep-learning. They learn by our input everytime.

If you input some important information (e.g. credentials or API keys,password etc) , AI will learn and might return the answer with credentials to somebody else.

So please avoid inputting any credential-like information, it will result in the security violation in the worst case.

About me #

For someone who doesn’t know me, here is the summary about me:)

  • I started my IT career without any CS background
  • I have a couple of years of working experiences as software developer (mainly mobile & web) in Japan
  • I got tired of the life in Japan and moved to Vietnam, Da Nang
  • I love to create the mobile apps, Youtube videos and share the life in Vietnam
  • I hope I can create the space to connect devs all over the world:)

For more details, I am waiting for you on my Youtube channels:)