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5 Best Job Hunting Services For Developer Jobs In Japan"
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5 Best Job Hunting Services For Developer Jobs In Japan"

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Japan Job Hunting Working In Japan

Have you ever thought about living in Japan? In order to live in Japan, what you need to do is to find a job.

Fortunately, Japan is now facing a serious shortage of worker. And the number of job openings for foreigners has been on rise. On today’s post, I will share some recommended recruiting services for those who are looking for a job in Japan.

Is It Good To Work In Japan? #

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Japan is beautiful
This is probably the first question when you hear about working in Japan. I have worked in Japan for more than 5 years and I have experienced both good & bad things. But I can say that there are lots of entertainment, food, and their own intersting culture. So if you are wondering to moving to Japan, just do it:) ※For more details about working in Japan, I will create another blog in a few days.

So now, let’s dive into the recruiting services for software engineer jobs.

Best IT Job Hunting Services - 1.Japan Dev #

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Let’s find a tech job in Japan
Japan Dev is one of the most popular job hunting services to find software engineer jobs in Japan. It’s easy to see and user-friendly so that you can find the job description.

  • Specialized for software engineering jobs
  • You can find English OK jobs also
  • You can find Visa support jobs
  • Helpful blogs like Getting Visa in Japan, How to write a resume etc

If you cannot speak Japanese, no worries. Japan Dev is English-enabled site and you can also search English OK job there.

Best IT Job Hunting Services - #

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Let’s find a tech job in Japan
If you are billingul, Daijob is a good website for job hunting in Japan. It’s a worldwide recruiting services and provide a wide range of job opportunities.

  • Lots of IT job opportunities all over the world
  • Support job & guidance for job searching process

There are many Japanese-required jobs on the site. So if you have enough level of Japanese skills, this site will help you search IT jobs.

Best IT Job Hunting Services - #

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Let’s find a tech job in Japan
GaijinPot offers various job categories, including IT and software engineering positions.

  • Can find jobs based on your needs(Japanese level, English level etc)
  • GaijinPot job fair that you can talk directly with the employees
  • You can find English OK jobs also

One of the important points of GaijinPot is GaijinPot Expo It’s a large scale of job fairs where many companies will open their boose to explain about themselves. If you already live in Japan or you have a chance to visit Japan, it’s good opportunities to know more about working in Japan.

Best IT Job Hunting Services - 4.Robert Walters Japan #

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Let’s find a tech job in Japan
Robert Walters Japan is a worldwide recruitment company and provides many job opportunies for billinguls. Not only a developer position, there are many opening positions like PdM, Business Analyst and Architect etc.

  • Can find a wide range of variety IT jobs in Japan for billinguls
  • Support throughout the recruitment process
  • Consultation for your resume and interview preparation

Best IT Job Hunting Services - 5.TokyoDev #

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Let’s find a tech job in Japan
If you are looking for a software engineer job in Japan, it’s better to knock the door of TokyoDev. They provide many opening position for software developers for English speakers.

  • You can apply from abroad
  • You can find No Japanese Required Jobs
  • Wide range of job opportunies with many programming languages

About me #

For someone who doesn’t know me, here is the summary about me:)

  • I started my IT career without any CS background
  • I have a couple of years of working experiences as software developer (mainly mobile & web) in Japan
  • I got tired of the life in Japan and moved to Vietnam, Da Nang
  • I love to create the mobile apps, Youtube videos and share the life in Vietnam
  • I hope I can create the space to connect devs all over the world:)

For more details, I am waiting for you on my Youtube channels:)

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